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This Wolf animation was created by Hal (Chandos Wolf). Please do not take or remove my animation from my page, without my permission. Thanks.

Ever since I can remember as a child, I have had a love and fascination for the Wolf, and all other wildlife. As you can see, I have dedicated my Home page and site to the preservation of the Wolf. Extinction of the Wolf and any wildlife is something that I or you, or all mankind, should never tolerate, or allow to happen.

Therefore, I have created my Preservation of the Wolf plaque page, and should you wish to display my plaque on your Home page and site, then please fill out the form found below, and send it to me.

I will then send you a personalized plaque to display on your Home page, and then add your Home page, and your description of your site to my links page. No banners please. Then others visiting your Home page, can then see that you also believe in the Preservation of the Wolf, and all Wildlife. Thank you for applying for my plaque, and displaying it on your Home page.

Please do NOT apply for my Wolf Plaque if your site displays any Profanity, Pornography, Racism, Adult Material and any sites displaying Killed animals for Sport or animals shown as Hunting Trophys!!!   And your site must be in English or have a English version available.

I reserve the right NOT to issue my Wolf Plaque under any of these expressed requirements!!!

Hopefully, together, we can strive for the Preservation of not only the Wolf, but all Wildlife, for all future generations.

I have also included my brother Jack and Linda's Official Wildlife plaque down below. Please just click on their plaque should you wish to join their Official Wildlife Webring, or visit their Wildlife site.

(Chandos Wolf)

Hal's Chandos Wolf Plaque.

Please visit Pam's Home Page

Thank you so much for the honour you have bestowed upon me Pam, my new Dear Friend, with this Loyalty and Dedication award, Dedicated to saving the Wolf, and the Help Save the Wolves animation gift. I display this award and this animation gift with the same honour in which they were given to me.

Completed form will be sent directly to "Chandos Wolf "

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*The backgrounds, banners, dividers, graphics, animations, logo's, gifts, poetry and awards, on my Home page are copyrighted and or the property of "Chandos Wolf". Please do not take or use without my written permission.

The wolf howl wav playing, was a gift given to me by my good friend "Debbie"

*I receive files containing pictures and graphics sent to me by friends and aquaintances, who surf the net. Should you find any graphics, pictures, or logo's which have been taken from your Home page and site without your permission, and used on my Home page and site, please contact me to either remove or link back to your site. I will honour your request. "Chandos Wolf".

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