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Huddled in his warm den is a lone wolf
Cosy in his sleep and dreams
Dreaming of his past love and joining her in the other world
They play and dance as they relive their love so special.
They snuggle close and nuzzle each other as they move in perfect unison.
To relive those special moments that they had together all those years ago
They sit by the Lake and watch the sun set and the moon rise
in perfect peace and pure quietness
the only sounds being the sounds of their soft breath on the cool evening air
The memories of past that were shared.
The sad,the happy,the private thoughts,
The funny things that happened,the things that shouldn't have happened .. but did.
The pain of the loss of a loved mate.
The comfort to know that she is but a dream away and her presence is always in his heart.
All he has to do is reach out and she is there to guide and comfort him.
She will always be there for him in a special place in his heart
Suddenly the ears twitch
The body trembles as he returns to reality leaving his love behind.
What has awoken this Lone Wolf?
The call of the Lake is strong and can't be controlled.
He moves quickly and silently out into the cold towards this uncontrolable urge ..
Towards the unknown call that has awoken him.
The cool crisp air parts as he passes through the fading light towards his destination.
The unknown awaits him.
He makes it to the shore treading carfully over the rocks.
Sits and looks out over the lake expectantly.
The last wisps of the suns rays disappear and the mist starts to roll in.
The moon starts to make its pressence felt with the soft glow of light
The light dances over his glowing coat and his sparkling eyes glow in the night
The cool evening breeze plays with his sensitive nose.
The is a new smell in the air .. it confuses but excites him.
The Smell of his new loves sensuality,wisdom.intelligence,humour,her whole person.
He becomes restless as she won't show herself,
In the shadows he sees her and calls out to her
Her presence is becoming stronger
Her presence is so strong now.
He calls her
His call errie in the evening stillness and carries over the Lake.
She arrives and sits besides him and they look out over the Lake.
They sit there cuddled together for warmth .. and the body language is strong.
All that can be heard is the gentle lappimg of the water on the shore.
The Future is on their minds
To be together until they are parted by death is the main desire.
All night long they laugh,joke,cuddle and discuss what lies ahead.
They walk along the shore slowly and with purpose.
The touch of each other is electric .. the magnetism of the personalities over whelming.
For they both know that this is true love and but comes once in a life time if you are lucky.
It must be grasped with both hands and nurtured and enjoyed to the fullest.
To let it slip by would be a waste as they both know that they do not want to be apart.
The moon has done full circle of the sky and getting tired as it slips away and the sun starts to wake up and make her pressence felt.
It is at this point that his love bids him farewell.
Promising to meet him again the next full moon.
The parting is drawn out.
Neither wanting to leave but know that it has to be done.
He calls her one last time as she returns to her home over the seas and her pressence slowly fades.
He calls out to her in one last frail attempt to postpone the parting.
"My Sorceress .. remember I love you with all my heart"
she takes these words with her as she slowly fades away and returns to her homeland. Calling back as she leaves
"My Chandos Wolf .. remember I will always be in your heart and thoughts until we can be as one. I have they key to your heart and I will cherish it always. We can always meet in our dreams. I must go .. I love you."
He sits there hoping that maybe she will return.
Tiredness over whelms him as he makes his way back to his Den.
To the warmth and knowledge that he is indeed lucky to have loved twice in a life time.
A rare achievement indeed.
He shuggles down and fades into a deep sleep and into the world where he can meet his loves past and present.
Sleep well My loves


This Lone Wolf page is a gift, written and created by Deb, a very "Special" friend, and Deb now has two websites called Debbie's World of Fantasy, and the Sorceress' Realm. Well worth the visit to see more of her creative talents. Thanks Deb for a fantastic page.


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