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The beautiful poetry on this page was sent to me by a very "Special" friend, ~Cathy~

(Please visit ~Cathy's~ Home Page)

~Cathy~ Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for this beautiful gift. And "Ditto", Kiddo.

If I could be anything, I would be for you.
I'd fill your days in a wonder of ways
Meant to make your dreams come true.
One precious Love that would lift you above
Any darkness your soul ever knew

Author Unknown

A sweet thought for you my angel. ~Cathy~

~Cathy~: Thank you, for the beautiful gift, and for just being "You".

~True Friendship ~

True friendship isn't seen with the eyes;
it's felt with the heart when there is
trust, understanding, loyalty, and sharing.
Friendship is a feeling rarely found in life,
but when it is found it has deep impact
on one's well being, strength, and character.

A true friendship does not need elaborate gifts
or spectacular events in order to be valuable or valued.
To ensure long lasting quality and satisfaction,
a friendship only needs certain key ingredients:
Undying loyalty, unmatched understanding,
unsurpassed trust, and endless sharing.

These ingredients,
mixed with personality and a sense of humor,
can make a friendship last a lifetime.
This is just a thank you, my friend,
for all the wonderful and colorful ingredients
you've brought to my life.

~Author Unknown~

Friendship On the Wings of a Dove

Everytime I enter and I check my mail
I look to see if you have visited without fail.
And if you have written it just make my every day
As I look forward to reading what you have to say.

And as I read each word you send, they form a smile
As you my good friend write with such grace and style.
You always have a kind word enclosed just for me
Making me feel glad that I am the person I be.

You always send me poetry and even roses in a vase
The many words and gifts you send have a touch of lace,
I put your gifts and poetry on my pages for all to see
What a "Special" friend the good Lord sent to me in thee.

For your loving friendship I thank the good Lord above
You see, He sent you my friend to me on the wings of a dove,
Having someone "Special" as you always there
Knowing you send eternal friendship and that you care.

I thank the good Lord for you every nite
That you applied for the awards on my site,
And since that day we have written each other constantly
And together have bonded a friendship to last all eternity.

It is for us to wonder and maybe not totally understand
Our friendship was formed from above with a helping hand,
A short time ago each other we did not know
And now our words of friendship seem to just flow.

Together, we have built up a trust you and I
We have an understanding not seen by the human eye,
We know what we convey to each other to be true
What we have is something given to only a selected few.

He must have seen a void that needed to be filled
A loving friendship betweeen us is what He willed,
On the wings of a dove you to me he did send
From this day foward, I will always call you my best Friend.

Hal to ~Cathy~

Copyright Hal Witt.. April 22, 2000

I am so proud of your writing my dear one. I have a Special Award that I give to writers that can not be applied for. I wanted you to have it from my heart to yours Hal. I just needed to show you how very talented you are.

~Cathy~.. Thank you so much for this beautiful award. My first writing award. WOW!! That does make my day!!



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