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The beautiful poetry on this page was sent to me by a very "Special" friend, ~Cathy~

(Please visit Cathy's Home Page)

~For My Dear Friend Hal~

I closed my eyes and said a prayer,
That you stay safe and in God's care.

The miles between us, your life and mine,
Are so difficult at this trying time.

You know my thoughts are there with you,
A piece of me always to see you through.

Never will I ever leave your side,
I'm always right here, my hand to guide.

My Friend Hal, you mean the world to me,
And God will surely listen to my plea.

Until I leave this earthly space,
Inside my heart you'll hold a place.

So when you need a friend who shows they care,
Just look over your shoulder, I'm always there.

By ~Cathy A.~

~Cathy~ my good Friend: "Ditto"


Someone, somewhere is peacefully watching
two seeds haphazardly tossed by a strong wind,
Lightly landing side by side
on soft fertile soil,
growing separate together
in a vast, expanding landscape under the same sun,
under the same moon clinging to their own roots....
deep, hard, determined,
still side by side,
intertwining, growing closer,
sharing the same air,
the same wind,
the same rain....
Learning to understand,
to comfort, to give, to receive, to love.

~Author Unknown~


I haven't ever seen you,
But I know you're really there.
I click you into reality,
Like magic from the air.

Your voice is like an angel,
Though I really do not hear.
Your hug as warm as any,
Of loved ones I hold dear.

You're always there for comfort,
Or a word of cheer.
Though you are very far away,
I always have you near.

You're a very special friend,
Like none I've ever known.
As long as you're in cyberspace,
I'll never be alone.

~author unknown~

~Cathy~ These words say it all.



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