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" A Gift of Poetry"

by Bitten Jonsson

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-In Honour of the Wolf-


A new day - at dawn
a cub is born

Bright shines the light
cold, warm and yet so bright
It cuddles up, seek the nearness
protected by its mothers awarness

The world greets it, with an open mind
doesn´t know what in the world it will find

Will it be hunted, tracked down
Or will the nature protect its own!

Will we humans give it a change
for a life without chains

Can we protect this new life - preserve and secure
So it can be it with mother nature

Will it be the leader of the pack
or as a furcoat, from a hunt return back!

It has no borders
will bars, fences be its new quarters!

Do you see the light -
or do you hide behind your own fright!

Preserve and protect
this lifeform, do not reject

For the present and future generations
show respect and considerations

Tomorrow is another day -
help, do not look the other way

Do you see the light -
its shines so bright
A life has begone
and so has the dawn


by: Bitten Jonsson (March 2, 2000)

Thank you Bitten for this special gift and for the treasure of friendship you have given to me. I display this gift of poetry and this special framed poem with the same honour in which you have sent it to me.



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