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Loving poetry by my good friend "Lynn aka Cheyenne"

~ Her Spirit Within ~

Can it ever happen?
Could it ever be?
Taming of a wild heart,
So deep inside of me.

Hidden for so very long,
Ignoring what is true.
Trying to escape the love,
I feel so much for you.

In my mind, I hear you.
In my soul I feel.
In my spirit I want you.
I want you to be real.

Going back inside,
Escaping, once again.
Trying so hard, not to focus,
About, what might have been.

Lying, in my bed,
With candles all around.
My spirit drifts right back to you,
My love, my friend, Ive found.

As I close my eyes,
Im taken to a place,
Of you and me together,
That no one could replace.

Our hearts beat wild with passion,
Our souls, so full of fire.
These feelings again, I fight with,
Of want, of need, and desire

Nothing really matters,
But this burning, deep inside.
Spirit of a wild heart.
I can no longer hide.

Back into my real world,
I contemplate, once more.
Taming of a wild heart,
So lost and forever tore.

Copyright By Lynn...August 17, 2000

~ I Came Upon An Eagle ~

I came upon an eagle, who was down and couldn't fly.
I walked up to this eagle, sat down and began to cry.

This eagle looked right through me, I saw his pain so deep.
I wanted so to heal him, but his love I couldn't keep.

So I bent down and touched this eagle, he was scared and all alone.
He looked at me with such sadness, so I took this eagle home

I nurtured and I healed him, each day, his strength it grew.
His painful eyes started loving, his journey now was new.

Soon this eagle soared, so high, and spread his wings.
On his way to a bright new sunset, now this eagle sings.

The day came for this eagle, to fly away back home.
Oh God how I loved this eagle, but this day would come, Id known.

Because I loved this eagle, I cried and set him free.
I watched him spread his wings, and fly away from me.

Copyright by Cheyenne...August 16, 2000



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