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Loving poetry by my good friend "Lynn aka Cheyenne"

~ I Canít ~

I love you..
But I canít touch you..

I want you..
But I canít have you..

I need you..
But I canít see you..

I crave you..
But I canít feel you..

I call you..
But I canít hear you..

I smell you..
But I canít taste you..

I cherish you..
But I canít keep you..

I embrace you..
But I canít hold you..

I cry to you..
But I canít heal you..

I mourn you
But I canít forget you..

I treasure you
But I canít pressure you..

I release you
I canít be with you..

Copyright by Cheyenne ... January 31, 2001

~~ In My Garden ~~

Deep in my garden, there lieís hopes and dreams.
Daring romanceís, fantasies and schemes.

Deep in my garden, no one comes but me.
Escaping once again, from all reality.

Deep in my garden, I see your eyes so blue.
I see the love you give me, that once was oh so true.

Deep in my garden, I close my eyes and see.
A journey of two lovers, throughout eternity.

Deep in my garden, there is no tears or pain.
Only brightest sunshine, never does it rain.

Deep in my garden, never, ever , am I blue.
Fore deep within my garden, I fell in love with you.

Copyright by Cheyenne..January 31, 2001

To Love Somebody-The Way I Love You"

No one knows what its like
To find a love so true
To love somebody
The way that I love you

Feeling so deep within me
That I want to reach out and touch
This man, this beautiful spirit
Whose very existance I crave so much.

Doesnít seem so long ago
Our paths had crossed and became one
On a way to a bright new journey
A tender beginning for us had begun

Every day when I wake up
I want to touch you, but youíre not there
I want to kiss your tender lips
And run my fingers through your dark brown hair

So very hard not to have you here
Fore each day I love you more
My heart aches to have you beside me
So lost and forever tore

When I sit here,and type to you
I feel as if our hearts, they beat as one
You are the brightest star in my darkest night
You are the warmth of my early morning sun

I do feel you each day deep inside me
And I know that you love me with all you are
But sometimes my baby I need to feel you
And the miles just seem so very far

I cry, get down on bended knees
And beg GOD to please hear my prayer
To let me meet you in the sunset
When my eyes open, that you will be there

Tears rolling down my cheek now
I miss you so much when youíre away
I think about what your doing
And all the things that I so desperately need to say

I do believe dreams can become a reality
And know some day they shall come true
Fore no one knows what its like
To love somebody the way that I love you

Copyright by Cheyenne February 20, 2001



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