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Poetry By Noel
Page ~4~

**Little Pirate**

A fading picture in my wallet
crinkled black and white shot
shows the happy adventurer
perched in her favorite spot.
High above on shoulders broad
arms waving like flags
The victorious conqueror
atop my demi-god.
Grinning from ear to ear
of child's joy and simple hope
My world looks so safe from here.
a delightful kaleidoscope

©written by Noel 1/19/00

Your Face on my Wall

I have your face up on my wall
It's smiling down on me..
I tried, I did, to catch your fall,
but that was not to be.
Dear friend, I miss your laughter,
I even miss your pain,
How I would give anything
to see you here again.
And tho your pain was great,
You never really shared,
Caught up in the illusion,
it was yours alone to bare.
It's been sometime since you gave up,
and let the darkness win.
Yet my eyes do wander still,
to the picture of your grin.
I always thought your hope was strong,
and you would make it thru,
How sad to find that I was wrong,
and nothing could I do.
Though these words inadequate,
Somehow I hope you know,
I loved you truely my dear friend,
even more than I could show.
I wish my tears were strong enough,
to wash the past away;
and you could waken to the dawn,
of another brite new day.
Forever I will cherish,
the time I spent with you.
And never forget your laugh so fine,
nor the love I held for you.

Karen Smith laid to rest, March 17,1997

©written by Noel 1/19/00

Together We Can

My friend Bette wants a poem on demand!
I asked the Muse what she had at hand.
It must be a poem about hope she said
And only one thing popped in my head;

Cause whenever I really think of hope
I think how happy I am, that I don't do dope!
It wasn't always like this you see,
That terrible lifestyle was once part of me.
< The pain within I would try to drown
Behind every smile there would be a frown
You wouldn't know by looking today
That once I lived in misery that way.

Today I can hold my head up high,
And look at others right in the eye.
For even when trials and troubles abound,
I can deal with it because of this new life I've found.

There are many helpers along this path,
Soul brothers and sisters, together we laugh.
I no longer live in Death's cyclone,
But instead embrace Life's lovely home.

©by Noel Cielo

**Take my Hand**

You embrace the darkness
when there is so much light around
holding it close to your mind
blocking truth that may be found.
I try to lift you up,
but you always push away
It's so frustrating for me
to see you, stuck in pain this way.
It takes courage to face
one's demons, that I know
Don't be afraid to let
all your feelings show
My friendship is not perfect,
but for sure I don't pretend
I know self-imposed imprisonment
And on me you can depend.
We can walk through this together
If you'll only take a chance
Pain does not last forever
Take heart now and advance.

© by Noel Cielo


Circle your arms around me,
Kiss these fears away
I'm afraid of what surrounds me,
as I struggle to find my way.
I want to trust my heart,
and everything you say
but I'm treading on a dark path,
And night fights for the day.
How can we bridge the gap
of the years between our hearts?
Is it only me that worries
about something I can't change.?
I want to take the numbers,
align and rearrange..
Bring our years together, So everyone could see.
That our love together,
plays like a symphony,
and the tune will not be forgotten
by you and not by me.

© Feb 23 by Noel Cielo



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