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Poetry By Noel
Page ~3~


How is innocence taken?
here and gone in a flash..
You'd think by now
we would learn the lesson.
. Today's action becomes tomorrows past.
We need to protect our children,
from dark forces and powers that be.
Some say it's all the from the violence,
they see from watching TV...
But I say it's easy to point the finger,
forgetting three point back at me!
So what have I taught my children,
about living and being free??
Do I turn away from unfairness??
relieved that it's not me?
Or do I stand for what's right without failing,
while the critics line up for the score?
Heal the darkness inside my heart,
So I will hate no more.
And guide the kids on the path of light,
to help their spirits to rise and soar.
*this came upon me the day of the Columbine shootings*
May we all eliminate all hatred and prejudice from our

8/18/00 by Noel Cielo

The Garden

When I think of how you entrusted your soul
to my care, giving me days of happy laughter, and
awakening me again to the wonderment of life....
Like a sweet elixer I savor the taste.
Your questioning mind always open to new
possibilities... and my ability to love increasing
to a capacity I never knew existed.
That's what a child is ... you did that for me.
Then came a time when life's hurts became
too much for even me to bear...the sad realization
I could never do for you the wonderful things I had
planned...the things I thought you deserved...
And a sad illusion, like an ugly weed spread
it's insidious roots thru the garden of our life
destroying what was our hope and our joy. Choking
out the love..
Never for a moment did I stop loving you; trapped
though I was in the dark abyss of fear...
And how it hurt.....
In your confusion asking me the question;
"how did this happen?", Remembering for a fleeting
moment the loving being i was... Childhood memories
of evenings spent spinning musical stories at bedtime..
The Pain was too great for me to remember...
..light never within my reach...
And now, I work deligently in my garden....
struggling with the vicious vine that almost destroyed
my life. The ground now growing soft enough for me
to plant new seeds of faith, hope, joy, and love...
This daily work in my garden, let's me see things
more you must have hurt, standing in
a ruined garden. Crying inside; maybe thinking
happiness was just a child's memory.
Not always knowing why things happen as they
do.... all the reasons are never clear.. only that my
heart breaks for the pain inflicted on one so innocent
, and never would I have done it intentionally..
Listen Listen Listen to my heart's song...
I envision the happy child that you were and
know you are now... In the magic of this moment..
We are free of the bondage of the past....God has
given us a new Garden to plant....
And I will never stop loving you.

written for my son, Josh 1989 by Noel Cielo

***The Road to Vegas***

I went on vacation,I thought for a rest
to find that my courage was put to the test.
For at sister's house were booby traps a'plenty,
and hissing so mean;though i petted so gently.

In the closet lurked a monster so scary, and on top
of the bed, I found balls that were hairy!!
You wouldnt believe the bomb on the screen,
And sis just didn't tell me, I thought that was mean.
One night I thought I'd cook us some dinner;
but no pot could i find, NO wonder shes thinner!
"Lets take a trip--It will be so much fun!", she said with a smile, that sly Devi Gun.
I should have known then, she had sumpin' goin on;
though she let me sing on her wonderful song
For it is the Ultimate little sister's revenge
Cause the road to Las Vegas....well....

by Noel Cielo

I Try

I try not to love you
but my heart will not obey
It's like a stubborn child
intent to have it's way
I try not to love you
but fail at every turn
The fact is this my darling,
It's for you only that I yearn.
I try not to love you
but then I love you more!
This outlaw heart won't listen,
to the logic my mind can pour.
I try not to love you
but my words are idle threats,
Because everytime I think of you,
Your passion I can't forget.
I try not to love you
My mind tells me it's wrong,
and then you overwhelm me
with words from some sweet song.
I try not to love you
But I haven't got a chance!
Every word you speak
Fills me with sweet romance.
I try not to love you
yet I fail miserably
I hear your music playing,
Though your far across the sea.
I try not to love you
but your face is everywhere
And even if I turn away
I look and see you there.
I try not to love you
though I do not have a choice.
in every waking moment,
I only hear your voice.
I try not to love you
but like a moth into a flame,
as hard as I resist
I'm drawn to your fire again.
To love you
I really do I try
I love you
Though now I forget why!

3/3/00 by Noel Cielo



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