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Poetry By Noel
Page ~2~

Humankind Awake!

Sealed away in the protective hush of luxury high-rise suites
Adorned in three piece suits and rolexes;
Predators like hungry piranhas devour
the land in a feeding frenzy of
Earth's resources.
Armies of machinery march on once pristine
land, plowing a path of destruction
leaving it desolate and barren.
Sacrificing the weak for the gain of
their portfolios,
The powers that be, in bloated pride,
deny connection to the Earth and
need for her shelter.
The children who once worshipped
at the altar of the wilderness,
have become numb in
misguided apathy.
Only a few voices pierce the night,
protesting vile greed that suffocates
our hope for survival.
Senses are stripped of substance
by idle pastimes and distractions.
In the never-ending parade of
insatiable consumerism, humankind
follows a perilous course.
Humankind awake!
We must reverse the continued
exploitation of our resources
that line only a few pockets
to save this precious
ailing Earth.

8/18/00 by Noel Cielo


I am invisible.
Walking by so close that you shared my breath;
yet you see me not. Do you not taste it's bitter
twinge? I have spoken, though you have muted my
voice and it falls on ears deaf.

I am invisible.
I pass before you, the sun never shining,
even my shadow is not cast. Screaming into
the face of cold numbness, my words fall on the
editing room's floor.

I am invisible.
Silently, I have been deleted,
swept up, and disposed of in the bin of "things
we shall look at no more"; not even worthy of fuel
for tomorrow's fire.

I am invisible.
I once called you friend.

8/21/00 by Noel Cielo

Cowgirl Daydreams

I am missing you against my will,
I tell my heart shut up! be still.
It's silly to have these feelings you see,
When your so darn far away from me.
I cannot decide what I should do.
Nor can I say this affection is true.
Wondering why it has to be this way,
And wish I could see you, for just one day!
Perhaps our way would become more clear
and I could throw away my fear.
Step into adventure through your eyes,
Behold the beauty of life's surprise.
To hold your face within my hands,
I'd happily cancel, all my other plans.
Maybe, just maybe I'd find love so true,
Heck!. I might even run away with you!

9/12/00 by Noel Cielo


The Chinese man with the wrinkled face
Outside the flowershop, is his usual place
I'm always wondering what's on his mind
What treasures he hides there that I could find.

Sitting in the chair he's a mystery
With lily pads in a barrel, for company,
A rubber frog, pots of orchids around,
Sometimes bananas, but never a frown.

Past him I enter to chose lovely flowers,
After I leave he stays there for hours.
Perhaps remembering a far distant day
When he was a child so busy at play.

He watches the traffic and greets with a nod,
Observing the tourists, that come from abroad.
He smiles, but he never talks to me,
I just say "Hi Uncle" and let him be.

9/15/00 by Noel Cielo



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